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Cron jobs

The hosting panel allows you to create and add scheduled tasks, which will be performed automatically at certain intervals of time. If you worked with Linux-based systems, these are cron tasks.
For example, you can create a script to perform database backups and send them to you via FTP, or you can run a PHP file: to send a report at the end of the day.

To create a scheduled task, you need to go to the hosting control panel and open "Advanced features" ➡️ "Cron Jobs" section. Setting up cron is simple:

  • in the "Minute / Hour / Day of Month / Month / Day of Week" field, enter the required interval of the scrip execution;
  • in the "Command" field enter your script.
    • if you want to run a PHP file, type in the line "/usr/local/bin/php" and then the full path to the file.

Click on "Create" to add this cron job.

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