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Caveats of domain transfer

There are exceptions to any rule and side effects with any function. Domain transfer also has its own caveats , which you need or at least would like to know:

  1. Ukrainian domains cannot be blocked during the transfer. Even if you start the transfer on the expiration date of the domain, it will work for all five days while the transfer is in progress. But international domains can stop working in this case.

  2. It is not necessary to wait 5 days. Some registrars can do this: if you do not want to wait 5 or more days, contact your current registrar with a request to confirm the transfer to NIC.UA ahead of schedule.

  3. Your name servers in the domain remain unchanged. But if you need to change them after the transfer is started, you need to do this with the current registrar.

  4. Almost all domains during the transfer are renewed for one year. But this is not a universal rule: .RU, .SU, .PP.UA domains are not renewed. And if the last one is at least free, then the transfer of .RU and .SU is paid one. If you want to know for sure whether the domain will be renewed, you can write to us in support.

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