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How to transfer .RU/.SU/.РФ domains to NIC.UA

NIC.UA supports .RU/.SU/.РФ domains through its partner REG.RU, so the transfer is performed differently from other domains.

First, you need to contact NIC.UA support through the form on the site or send a letter to In the letter, please provide the following information:

  • domain name and login (email) for your NIC.UA account,
  • secret code (auth-code) for domain transfer,
  • registrant data.

If the registrant is an individual, please provide full name, passport number and series, which authority issued it and when, email and phone number, index and full address of residence/registration.

If the registrant is a legal entity, please provide the full name of the organization, government issued registration number, email and telephone number, index and full registration address.

Then deposit a personal account with NIC.UA for an amount equal to the cost of domain registration.

Please note: in case of this domains transfers, the expiration date will not change, as the maximum period of domain registration is 1 year.

If the domain is already in REG.RU, you should move it to your 'nicker' partner account.

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